How To Surprise Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday With Stunning Cake Combos

Your girlfriend’s birthday is an opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your girlfriend. Well, you can do many things to impress her, like take her to movie night, go to a live concert, and cook her favourite meal, etc. All these things can be done after you celebrate her birthday in style. You must order an awesome cake and a thoughtful gift to celebrate her birthday. We have compiled a list of cake combos that can fulfil your requirement for a cake and gift for your girlfriend, so let us explore them.

1] Roses And Butterscotch

Roses and butterscotch combo is the blend of fresh roses with utterly delicious butterscotch cake. The bouquet of flowers consists of a dozen red roses that come wrapped in red paper, which is also adorned with long ribbon curls. The butterscotch cake features white chocolate shards and red cherries on the top, where an intricate design is made with vanilla cream.

2] Red Velvet Cake With Cute Teddy

Girls like both red velvet cake and teddy, and that is why it is one of the best cake combos for your girlfriend. First, it is a special birthday cake for girlfriend to order online, which is decorated with vanilla cream frosting around the sides and with red velvet crumbles on the top. Further, this combo also consists of a cute teddy bear, which can be a cuddling partner for your girlfriend.

3] Rasmalai Cake And Money Plant Duo

Well, this is a thoughtful cake combo gift for your girlfriend that can make her emotional on her birthday. The rasmalai flavoured cake is adorned with pistachio nuts and soaked in rasmalai cream. It can be the best cake to treat your girlfriend, and it also comes with a money plant. It is an indoor plant that comes in a plastic vase and is said to bring good fortune to the house.

4] Dripping Choco Vanilla Cake With Scented Candle

Another awesome cake combo option is available for you to impress your girlfriend, which will be considered a romantic gift. The cake is made in chocolate flavour and coated with vanilla cream, which drips from the top. Additionally, it is vanilla cream frosting and chocolate shards on the top. The scented candle will fill your girlfriend’s room with the aroma of roses, which will show your sense of style in choosing gifts.

5] Blue Orchids Bouquet And Choco Cake

The blue orchids bouquet and chocolate cake combo is a perfect blend of beauty and blend. The cake is curated with chocolate flavour and glazed with chocolate cream. Further, it is topped with chocolate rings, which will be a delightful experience to eat. A bunch of blue orchids comes wrapped in jute paper, which is adorned with a long black ribbon.

6] Black Forest Cake And Lucky Bamboo Plant

Pairing a black forest cake with a lucky bamboo plant will be a thoughtful and romantic gesture for your girlfriend. The cake comes decorated with swirls of white whipped cream, where red cherries enhance its look. In addition to that, the combo includes a lucky bamboo plant that comes in a round-shaped glass vase.

7] Pink Rose Cake With Pink Plush Teddy

The pink rose cake comes coated with pink whipped cream, and it also features an intricate design. There are three pink roses are placed on the top, which is the highlight of this cake. If you want to send cake to Pune, Mumbai, or nearby places for your girlfriend, then you must combine this pink rose cake with a pink plush teddy. The cake will be finished on the day it is delivered to your girlfriend’s doorstep, but the teddy will remind your girlfriend of you for a long time.

8] Butterscotch Cake With Gerberas Bunch

Brighten up your girlfriend’s birthday with a butterscotch cake and a bunch of vibrant gerberas. The cake features an intricate design along with chocolate shards on the top and crushed almonds around the sides. The bouquet consists of twelve mixed gerberas, including pink, white, red, and yellow colour.

Bottom Line

You must plan to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday in advance because it is the time to show your love. For your convenience, we have suggested the top cake combos that can surely impress your girlfriend and take your relationship to the next level. In our suggestions, there are cakes for sure, but also indoor plants, teddy, and beautiful bouquets. So, choose the perfect cake combo for your girlfriend that can suit her style and make her feel special on her birthday.