how to breed rare drumpler

The aptly named Drumpler Monster uses its belly as a drum, all with a happy grin on its face. This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will explain how to breed the Drumpler in My Singing Monsters using the best combinations.

What Is A Drumpler?

A Drumpler is a Cold and Earth element monster that players unlock on Plant Island at level 7. Although it does not carry an instrument, it uses its own belly as a snare drum. A Drumple typically does not produce many coins, but if placed near an item or object it likes, like a Noggin, Stritch Skin, or Smunkin Patch, its happiness will increase by 25 percent.

How To Breed A Drumpler

The best way players can breed a Drumpler is by combining a Mammott + Noggin. A Drumpler can also come from any combination of Cold and Earth element monsters, although the aforementioned breeding combination is the best way to obtain a Drumpler.

A Drumpler has a incubation time of only 30 minutes, with an enhanced breeding time of 22 minutes and 30 seconds. A Drumpler is also available for purchase for a price of  30 diamonds.

Are there any in-game events related to rare Drumpler breeding?

Yes, look out for special breeding events that not only increase the chances of getting a rare Drumpler but also provide other in-game benefits.

  1. Increased Breeding Odds Events: For a limited time, players might enjoy higher success rates for breeding rare creatures. This can be an excellent time for players to try and get that elusive Drumpler.
  2. Special Element Availability: Sometimes, games introduce temporary or special elements that players can use to breed rare creatures.
  3. Discounts on Breeding Boosts: In-app purchases or in-game currencies might be discounted, allowing players to buy boosts or items that can help in breeding rare creatures.
  4. Breeding Challenges: Players might be posed with specific breeding challenges or quests where they need to breed certain combinations to obtain rewards or the rare creature itself.

How To Breed A Rare Drumpler

Players can breed a Rare Drumpler by combining a Mammott + Noggin, with no preferred island preference. Players can also purchase a Rare Drumpler from the shop for 40 diamonds. Additionally, any attempt at breeding with a Drumpler that fails could turn into a Rare Drumpler.

The Rare Drumpler can only be obtained during certain times. Once they become available, the best way to get a Rare Drumpler is by breeding. The Rare Drumpler has an incubation time of 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 30 seconds. If enhanced, the breeding time is reduced to 50 minutes and 37 seconds. 

What’s the best time to breed rare Drumplers for better results?

While any time is suitable, during special events or with certain in-game conditions, the chances might be higher.

  1. Special Breeding Events: Many games host special events where the chances of breeding rare creatures or monsters, like the Drumpler, are increased. Keep an eye on in-game announcements, newsletters, or the game’s official social media channels for such events.
  2. In-game Time Cycles: Some games have a day-night cycle or specific times when certain monsters are more likely to breed. If the game has a pattern like this, you might find better success during a particular in-game time.
  3. Moon Phases or Seasons: Some games might have breeding odds tied to moon phases, seasons, or even real-world holidays.
  4. After Acquiring Special Items: In some games, using special items or power-ups can boost your breeding chances. If you have recently obtained such an item, it might be an optimal time to attempt breeding.

How do I evolve a rare Drumpler into a legendary monster?

While the rare Drumpler is a prize in itself, some game modes might allow for evolution into even rarer forms or legendary monsters. This usually requires certain items and a high monster level.

  1. Level Up Your Drumpler: Before evolving any creature, it’s common that they must reach a specific level. Make sure your rare Drumpler is at the maximum level or the required level set by the game.
  2. Gather Evolution Materials: Many games require specific items or materials to evolve creatures. These can be earned by completing quests, participating in events, battling, or even through in-game purchases.
  3. Meet Breeding Requirements: In some games, to evolve a creature, you might need to breed it with another specific creature or type of creature.
  4. Complete a Special Quest or Challenge: The game might offer a unique quest, challenge, or series of tasks you must complete to evolve your rare Drumpler.
  5. Pay with In-game Currency: Some games require players to spend in-game currency, whether it’s coins, gems, or something else, to initiate the evolution.