South zone offers you benefit only if you follow these instructions given by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata!

In vastu Shastra, the importance of all directions is immense. This is why Best vastu consultant in Kolkata does a thorough evaluation of your property and produce a layout that will uses all the zones in the right way. 

It is true that each direction can offer us some positivity like North can bring new opportunity and East zone can boost your social connection. But these work only if you place the right thing in the right zone. Doing any anti activity in any zone randomly will hamper the well being of the residents. 

Today we will see the right placement for the South zone with the help of expert Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

What is the speciality of South zone and how you can use its good energies? 

The South zone is one of the 4 cardinal directions and it has potential to offer good name and fame to you apart from giving good sleep and relaxation. 

The list of its perks indeed is overwhelming. But before you start using it mindlessly you must read this entire blog. The South zone also represents the fire element among panchatatva in vastu.

This feature makes the South zone ideal for some placement in the home but not all. In the following section we will discuss the right and wrong arrangements when it comes to the South zone calibration. 

Vastu guidelines to use this zone the right way!

The most suitable zone for any temple is the North East zone. But you can also place it it in the South Zone under some special consideration. If your family deity is goddess Kali then you can get worship her in this zone. Refrain from doing any other pujas as it will less effective. In that case you should shift the temple in more suitable zone for best result. 

The zone of South is ideal for meditation and hence you can carry out spiritual practice and chanting in here. After all, it is the zone of relaxation and help you focus on spiritual journey by removing all the distractions from the mind. 

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits dining hall in the South zone. Taking your meals in here ensures easy digestion of the food. Moreover, you the residents of such properties also stay mentally and physically active and relaxed. 

Sitting in this zone is also considered as good. All the meetings and gatherings conducted in here will offer meaningful conclusion and it will promote bonding in family. So, spending quality time in here is a positive attribute. 

While office table can be placed in the South zone, it is most an ideal zone for studying since makes student way too relaxed. Eventually they will lack the seriousness that is required to study. Students should avoid using this zone for the studies and relocate the study table in a suitable zone. Thankfully a positive zone lies right next to it in the form of South of South East. But be careful as the other adjacent zone the South of South West zone is also very unsuitable for it. If the SSE zone is not free then chose from other positive zones for it as suggested by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. Also do color therapy for added advantages. 

The washing machine is not good in the South zone because it can disturb getting sound sleep and relaxation. It might also make it difficult to get name and fame of its occupants no matter how much hard work they put. 

For best result you neer to shift it in the positive zones. But if this is not possible then you should use color therapy. Place pink or red color cover over the machine to correct it.

You should not place the bar in the South zone. This placement can result in sleep-disorders and insomnia among its residents. Also their might not be able to get recognition for their work and skills at work. Take the bar unit in some other suitable zone in the home. 

Cluttering in the South zone is permitted by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. So you can place your store room in here. This helps in removing unrealistic fears from mind and thus helps it relax.

The heater or inverter can be kept in the South zone because this zone also represents fire element. Their blending offers positive result in terms of good sleep, relaxation, name, fame and appreciation for their efforts. 

At last, you should neither place the dustbin nor the shoe rack in the South zone. This is not recommended since it hampers the name, fame, brand, goodwill of the family. It also deprives from having good sleep and relaxation. You need to shift it in a suitable zone for permanent fix. The South of South West, the zone right next to this one is a suitable zone, the others being east of South East and West of North West. 

If none of them is possible then use color therapy to correct it. Use red or pink colored shoe rack or dustbin as alternative remedies. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata also recommends using lidded dustbin and shoe rack with doors for added advantages. 


As you as can see, using the positivity of south zones in terms of good sleep, relaxation, name and fame etc only by making sure of the right placement. Thankfully, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can make this task very easy for you. But seek their expert opinion at the earliest possible stage so that you can get options to make changes, in needed. 

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Description- To be able to the use the positive attributes of the South zone you should follow the instructions shared by expert Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.