OldSchool RuneScape Quests That You Need To Complete

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Here are several OldSchool RuneScape quests that you should prioritize as they unlock new areas, features, skills, and notable rewards.

Don’t miss the chance to buy OSRS account from U7Buy at unbeatable prices today! Questing is an integral part of OldSchool RuneScape. This activity offers challenges and rewards for players to enjoy as they explore the world of Gielinor. The game features a wide variety of quests that cater to different play styles and preferences. Here are some of the OSRS quests that you should complete for their important rewards and access to various features and locations.

Druidic Ritual

This is a short quest with novice difficulty. The quest takes place near Taverley so you don’t need to wander around too much to complete it. You can grab it from Kaqemeex in the same area. After completing the quest, you gain the Herblore skill.

Camelot Series

This is a series of three quest lines based on the Knights of the Round Table. If you like stories and want to learn as much as possible about the OldSchool RuneScape lore, you cannot miss this series, particularly, the last part, King’s Ransom. This is how you gain access to the Chivalry and Piety prayers that give awesome buffs.

Gnome Quest Series

The first quest in the series gives access to the spirit tree teleport. The quest is called Tree Gnome Village. You need to find King Bolren in the gnome maze to start the quest. To unlock the full potential of this traveling method you must also complete The Grand Tree quest.

Dwarf Cannon

Can you think of something cooler than a dwarf multicannon? This is a ranged weapon that can be deployed on the ground. It is not a main weapon, but we can all agree that it’s a great way to deal some extra damage. To gain access to it, you must complete a short quest started by Captain Lawgof. You will find the NPC as you head south from the Coal Trucks.

Roving Elves

This quest starts when you talk to Islwyn in Isafdar. Players help the elves of Lletya by finding the lost city of Prifddinas. It’s a continuation of the Plague City quest and unlocks access to the Elven lands.


This quest follows the Plague City and Underground Pass quests and involves infiltrating the Elven lands to deal with a threat to the kingdom of Kandarin.

The Fremennik Trials

Players must prove themselves to the Fremennik tribe by completing various tasks and challenges. It’s a prerequisite for many other Fremennik quests.

The Lost City

This quest unlocks access to the realm of Zanaris, the Lost City, and its inhabitants, including the powerful nature-rune crafting altar.

The Grand Tree

Players help the gnome king, Narnode Shareen, investigate an attack on the Grand Tree. The quest involves espionage, sabotage, and a battle against a powerful enemy.

The Achievement Diaries

While not traditional quests, the Achievement Diaries offer various tasks and challenges across the game world, rewarding players with experience and useful items upon completion. Save money when you buy OSRS gp from U7Buy! Great prices, professional services, and secure deliveries are guaranteed!

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