Understanding Open Car Auto Transport

Open car auto transport refers to the method of transporting vehicles on open trailers, without any covering or enclosure. These trailers can range from single-vehicle flatbeds to multi-level carriers capable of hauling several vehicles simultaneously.

The draw of the open road (and open trailer)

Affordability: One of the primary attractions of open transport is cost-effectiveness. Without the added weight and structure of an enclosed trailer, fuel costs are typically lower, savings that often trickle down to the customer.

Availability: Open trailers are more prevalent in the auto transport industry. This abundance translates to more availability and often, faster pick-up times compared to enclosed transport.

Reliability: Given their widespread use, many drivers have extensive experience with open car transport, ensuring a level of reliability and know-how in handling vehicles.

Flexibility: Open carriers can often handle vehicles of various shapes and sizes, from compact cars to SUVs, making them a versatile choice for many customers.

Factors to consider

Exposure to elements: The most significant trade-off with open transport is the vehicle’s exposure to the elements. Whether it’s rain, snow, or road debris, vehicles on an open trailer remain susceptible. However, it’s worth noting that these are the same conditions the car would face if driven.

Insurance coverage: Always check the transporter’s insurance policy. Since vehicles are exposed, understanding the coverage details can offer peace of mind.

Vehicle Inspection: Before and after transportation, a thorough vehicle inspection is crucial. Given the exposure in open transport, having a record of your vehicle’s condition can be beneficial if there are any discrepancies.

Making the right choice

Opting for open car auto transport comes down to individual preferences and circumstances. For many, the cost savings, combined with the reliability and flexibility, make open transport an attractive option. However, always weigh the pros and cons, and consider the specific needs of your vehicle. Whether you’re relocating, buying a new car, or attending a car show, understanding the nuances of open car shipping ensures that you make an informed decision that suits both you and your vehicle’s needs.