The Ultimate Cigar Vape Mod Buying Guide

Vape mods are becoming popular among tobacco lovers who want to enjoy the thrills of smoking without the smoke. Studies show that vape mods can help smokers quit the habit for good. It also has fewer health risks compared to smoking conventional cigars.

Even though most people still consider smoking as more classic, modern vape designs can offer a similar effect. Vape pens are available in various designs, including rechargeable refillable e-cigars that look like old-school cigars.

Shifting from smoking to vaping can be an exciting affair. However, choosing the best cigar vape mod can be a challenge for most newbies. Herein, we help you navigate the options and choose the perfect companion for your vaping experience.

Understanding Cigar Vape Mods

Cigar vape mods are built to give you a similar experience to smoking. The mods are available in different designs, including some that mimic the feel and shape of original cigars. Mods are fitted with advanced power features to help you regulate your vaping experience. 

Besides mods, you will also come across starter kits and refillable e-cigars. Starter kits are designed for newbies trying to vaping for the first time. They aren’t as powerful as refillables or mods. They also require less maintenance compared to mods.

Battery Life and Capacity

Whether you are buying a cigar vape mod or a regular cigar e-cig, battery capacity is a significant factor. Buy a mod with a long-lasting battery, especially if you vape regularly throughout the day. 

Mod battery capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). A higher value indicates that the battery can store more energy and can last longer before running out of juice. However, battery life will also depend on your vaping habits. 

If you vape for long periods on high power, your battery will drain faster. 

Power and Wattage

Still on matters about batteries, don’t ignore power and wattage. If you are new to e-vape cigars, this may seem like too much, but it is crucial. Selecting the correct wattage is crucial for achieving your desired vaping experience.

Higher wattages are suitable for those who prefer more vapor production while lower wattages may be preferable for a cooler and more subtle experience. This will also come into play when purchasing vape juices.

Vape Juices

Vape juices produce the vapour that you inhale from your Veppo electronic cigar. The juices contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavours. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine ratio in most e-juices is 50:50. 

However, some e-juices have high vegetable glycerine content. Such juices are known as high-VG or 100% VG and can only be used in sub-ohm kits or mods. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when purchasing vape juices.

High-VG vape juices produce thicker clouds and have a softer throat hit. For newbies, we recommend going for e-juices with a 50:50 ratio.

Summing Up

Selecting the right cigar vape mod involves considering various factors from battery life to vape juices. You can find the perfect mod by understanding your preferences and taking the time to research and compare different options.