Eight systems of Autoimmune Inflammation that should be discussed more

It is popularly known that up to 50 million individuals in America are suffering from an autoimmune health issue. The condition of autoimmune inflammation occurs progressively. As a matter of fact, it is usually at the final stage of the biggest spectrum of autoimmune inflammation.

Inflammation can be very cunning. It begins very small while revealing itself with conditions such as fatigue and weight gain before causing severe damage in the body that will prompt a complete diagnosis of an autoimmune condition. We concentrate on identifying the signs of severe inflammation and finding solutions to them before the final stage, which is usually incurable in my telehealth functional medicine clinic. 

Our belief is that we should identify the aspects of our body that can be taken over by inflammation. Since everybody has varying body chemistry, inflammation will spring up in diverse locations in every individual. According to the book, “The inflammation Spectrum”, where it’s comprehensively analyzed, the stages of the autoimmune spectrum, how they can be recognized, and the steps to take in order to defeat inflammation using different wellness resources like food and so on. However, let’s briefly consider the aspects that be always be reviewed for inflammation and autoimmunity.

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The nervous system and brain

 Inflammation could be the culprit for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, irritability, poor focus, brain fog, and memory issues. Dementia or cognitive impairment and autoimmune condition could be caused by long-term brain inflammation. Other possible conditions are Parkinson’s and neurological. A leaky blood-brain challenge could be the cause.

The leaky gut syndrome could be the cause of this condition. Where there have been issues with the tight junctions that provide sealing to the brain and digestive system. This condition could result in the autoimmune inflammatory response of the brain caused by the movement of bacterial endotoxins in unwanted places.

The digestive system

It was discovered that many individuals suffer from severe health conditions with a level of inflammation in the gut that causes digestive issues. The popular conditions that are usually experienced are diarrhea, acid reflux, constipation, bloating, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

Long-term digestive conditions can result in a leaky gut syndrome that consequently leads to inflammation, which promotes conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune gastric, and Crohn’s disease.

 The detoxification system

Detoxification in the body is carried out by the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and lymphatic system to eliminate toxic elements such as mold mycotoxins, alcohol, pesticides, and other waste products during digestion. Once inflammation impairs this process of detoxification, the toxins can begin to accumulate in the body which will prompt additional inflammation, resulting in pain, rashes, swelling, and organ damage.

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Insulin system and blood sugar

The liver and pancreas control the insulin system and blood sugar, together with the cellular insulin receptor sites. Once this system is affected by inflammation, there would be an unstable amount of blood sugar as well as excessive insulin production, which could cause type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or metabolic syndrome.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation in this aspect of the body can result in excessive weight gain, high fasting blood sugar, and weight loss resistance.

The endocrine system

The endocrine system encapsulates the interaction of the brain with the hormone-producing glands. Inflammation can occur in any part of the body, which can affect areas such as the sex glands (ovaries or testes), adrenal, and thyroid glands, resulting in different kinds of symptoms. Several aspects of health are controlled by hormones, and these areas getting inflamed could result in weak nails, dry skin, mood swings, low sex drive, hair thinning, or irregular menstruation.

The musculoskeletal system

The musculoskeletal system consists of the connective tissues, joints, and muscles, symptoms of inflammation in this area result in joint stiffness, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, achiness, joint pain, and many more.

The immune system

The immune system is responsible for controlling inflammation. Whenever the immune system overreacts, it results in autoimmunity, resulting in multiple inflamed sites that impact the tissues, organs, and body structure. These systems highlighted above are impacted by autoimmunity alongside symptoms revealing the presence of different levels of autoimmune inflammation.

Poly inflammation

The inflammation does not usually occur in one body area. It usually spreads to different parts of the body which can cause symptoms in other body areas as well as autoimmune conditions.


In summary, inflammation should be taken seriously, especially because of our health. Long-term inflammation can cause reactions that can be uncomfortable which will eventually result in autoimmunity. It is important to take steps that can manage inflammation, once it is identified in the body.

Check out the inflammation spectrum quiz if you think you have a condition relating to inflammation to identify the aspect of your health affected by inflammation. Also, our telehealth functional medicine clinic can be helpful in determining the most appropriate tools to use in permanently eliminating inflammation and getting the vibrant health condition you crave for. Implementing cutting-edge diagnostic testing procedures can help you discover the underlying causes of the health issue and personalized care packages that be used to naturally eliminate the autoimmune challenges.

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